Our Team

Our team’s focus is to ensure the world’s leading consumer brands harvest every ounce of value from their existing market research investment by enabling our corporate customers to “take their research further”. We make it easy for anyone within our customer’s organization to gain new insight from their past, present and future survey project results. Our mTAB brand stands for industrial strength analysis and management of research project results.

Each member of our management team has over 15 years of experience understanding the need of the corporate market research department and their internal customers. First and foremost, we considered ourselves analysts that understand how to distill a story from research results. We implement our analytical vision through our experienced team of data processing and business intelligence developers.

Over the past 25 years, the mTAB team has managed the results of tens of thousands of survey programs on behalf of our corporate customers. Our project experience ranges from managing daily updated global market trackers comprising millions of respondent results to the analysis of one-off product clinics.

We can extend and amplify the results of your research projects regardless of the project size or complexity. Our complete range of survey analytical services assures that your team will fully justify your market research spend by significantly enhancing the value of your research results.