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    Compare, combine and trend the results of
    all of your research, past and present.
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See our solutions for your specific industry:

What mTAB can do for you


Maximize insight and value

Extend the life of your existing research by allowing anyone in your organization to conveniently draw comparisons between your past and present results.


Fast live data analysis

Gain a deeper understanding of your research and enrich your story telling by comparing, combining and trending your research results. No limit to project size or complexity.


Easy for everyone to use

mTAB provides simple tools to organize, analyze and report results. There is no complex training. Accesible to anyone at your control.

mTAB Services add value to your research


mTAB Database Services

Compare, combine and trend the results of all of your research projects, past and present. Enhance your storytelling by deriving new variables and combining data from external sources.


mTAB Self-Managed

Analyze smaller one-off survey projects with the same ease and same tools as your larger tracking and multi-market projects.


mTAB Text Analytics

Reveal the insight captured within your research’s verbatim comments. Analyze unstructured and structured variables in a single query.

Client Case Studies

  • An mTAB subscriber for more than 15 years, Yamaha Motor Corporation USA utilizes mTAB with a wide variety of survey programs including competitive motorcycle and snowmobile buyer studies, customer sales and service satisfaction studies, and customer segmentation studies. Read more…
  • farmers

    Farmers uses mTAB to warehouse, search, and analyze 20 years of research data for specialty policies like mobile homes, motorcycles, and boats. mTAB’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows researchers from across the organization to access research data and generate meaningful insights. Read more…
  • ford

    Hundreds of product planners, market researchers, and strategic planners at Ford rely on mTAB to analyze research studies of varying size and complexity, combine structured and unstructured survey results, and trend, compare, and combine studies from multiple global markets.. Read more…
  • client_logos_liberty

    Insurance carriers need to understanding of how consumers interpret and perceive the large array of insurance products and services. mTAB simplifies the process of comparing similar surveys fielded to consumers in different market segments. Read more…