Global perspectives on innovation driving insights

Market research leaders from South America, Asia and Europe discuss the role of innovation in insights.

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mTab's Crispin Beale hosted a panel of global market research experts to discuss a spectrum of topics influencing insights, from innovation and leadership to trust and disruption. The panel included Shirley Ng, Research Principal for the Asia Pacific, Europe, and Russia markets for General Motors, from China; Mariela Mociulsky, Chief Executive Officer for Trendsity, from Argentina; and Tony Costella, Director of Global Consumer & Market Insights for Heineken, from The Netherlands.

On the topic of leadership, Tony pointed to the need for brands to have a steadfast vision, saying, "The strong leaders are those that are not willing to compromise on their vision or values, and everyone around them is confident in that.”

Shirley expounded on this point, explaining, "A great leader is not intimidated to make the tough decision, no matter how unagreeable it might seem to outsiders, like the media, or well-meaning laymen who do not know your business or how those decisions were made."

On the subject of innovation, Mariela said, "The world is moving away from centralised research toward open innovation. We need to work in a collaborative manner. This is related to the creation of innovation ecosystems in which multiple areas of knowledge and expertise come together to generate innovation that is relevant and has a positive impact."

You can read the entire in-depth discussion from Research World at the link below.

Global perspectives on insight innovation