How are leadership and innovation connected?

Eric Salama, Director at Morning Consult and former CEO of Kantar discusses the connection between leadership and innovation.

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Crispin Beale sat down with Eric Salama, Director at Morning Consult and former CEO of Kantar, to get his perspectives on the connection between leadership and innovation. They discuss how the focus on leading people and strategies dive innovation and advancements and vice versa.

Eric discussed many of the challenges that leadership and innovation are overcoming in today's market research world, explaining, “Credibility, speed, need for real-time and predictive insights, better storytelling and through all of that the need for exceptional talent with diverse skills.  It’s no surprise that many clients would rather cut research and insight budgets than media ones. And we should recognize why that is and do something to change it.”

They also discuss the need for ongoing data to extract insights and understanding, among other topics. Read their entire discussion featured in Research World at the link below.

The link between leadership and innovation

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