How do you increase market research participation?

Lisa Wilding-Brown, CEO of Innovate MR, discusses the keys to increasing market research participation.

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While digital channels have made market research participants more accessible in recent years, the overall involvement in surveys has been decreasing. mTab's Crispin Beale sat down with Lisa Wilding-Brown, CEO of Innovate MR, to discuss the strategies and tactics to deliver more engaging, effective research to understand consumers, markets, and competitors.

Lisa explained the issues impacting participant retention, explaing,"Our participant universe does not operate in a vacuum; it is organic and evolving. When one company fatigues a participant through poor design practices or arduous sample routing mechanics, we ALL feel the pain. We must be mindful of the experience we are creating for survey participants from start to finish. As more and more individuals attrite from panels and research communities, we run the risk of being left with only those who have the highest pain threshold, and this unfortunate dynamic threatens the very bedrock of our industry… representation!

"Aside from the blatant challenge of having an adequate population by which to project, poor retention will yield feasibility issues which can be especially difficult for those seeking low-incidence populations. We all need to care about participant retention as it impacts every single professional in the industry, even if you don’t directly source or buy samples!"

Read the entire discussion between Lisa and Crispin at the link below.

Designing Research to Enhance Participation

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