Understanding the evolution of digital intelligence

Reviewing the advancements and applications of digital intelligence to enhance understanding with Converseon CEO Rob Key.

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As the role of digital intelligence becomes increasingly vital to brands, it has evolved beyond the scope of social listening. To get a better understanding of this evoltion and the role of digital intelligence, mTab's Crispin Beale sat down with Rob Key, Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Converseon for Research World's Insight250 Winners' series.

They discuss Rob's extensive experience and expertise in the realm of social listening and using it to extract digital intelligence to guide decisions and craft strategy. They also review how social listening is evolving and where it is likely to progress in the future.

As Rob discussed, "I believe the “social” description will become of secondary importance to what we see our clients demanding - real-time, essential intelligence to help them make rapid and informed decisions to navigate through a complex world brimming with a polarised society and rapidly changing consumer needs – or what we call decision intelligence."

Rob and Crispin discuss various topics, from advancing technology to expanding applications. You can read the entire sit-down interview in Research World's Insight250 series at the link below.

The evolution from social listening to digital intelligence