What is the importance of the lattice of research?

Xabier Palacio, ESOMAR's Senior Industry Analyst, discusses the “lattice of research” he uses to visualize methodologies.

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mTab's Crispin Beale sat down with Xabier Palacio, ESOMAR’s Senior Industry Analyst, to tap into his expertise and perspective on various topics, including the importance of market context and categorization within research and the “lattice of research” he has developed to visualize methodologies across the industry.

Xabier discusses this lattice, explaining, "The lattice of research is a visualization of types of methodology. The primary goal was to recognize the compatibility of methods utilized by the established and the tech-enabled sectors within the familiar framework of quantitative/qualitative, and active/passive methods. This three-axis composition shows the unification of the industry at a glance and should convince skeptics of the common arena everyone is playing in.

“By showing visually the natural place these technological methods of data collection occupy, we can begin a much more convincing conversation to bring these companies to our fold with several benefits: better understanding these industrial segments, starting a discussion on areas of self-regulation that the established industry has been respecting for over 70 years, and reversing the schism between the two sectors so they can start enjoying common synergies."

You can read Xabier and Crispin's entire conversation at the link below on Research World:

The Lattice of Research

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