Why is diversity important to market research?

Vanella Jackson, former Hall & Partners Global Chief Executive Officer, discusses the value of diversity to organizations.

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mTab's Crispin Beale sat down with with Vanella Jackson, formerly Global Chief Executive Officer for Hall & Partners, to get her unique perspective on the value of diversity for organizations in terms of experience, perspectives, and insights and how this can drive and shape innovation, solutions, and leadership in market research and beyond.

Discussing the progress an evolution market research has seen with regards to diversity, Vanella explained, “The industry has made huge strides to change this traditional dusty academic image and done a lot to become more proactive on diversity and inclusion. The MRS DE&I board run by Babita Earle is testimony to this. However, I think we can all generally accept we have not gone nearly far enough. The industry continues to debate how we can attract more people at the bottom and how we can encourage more people to think about research and data as a career. It is something we have been asking ourselves for a long time. Most people still just fall into research.”

You read Crispin and Vanella's entire conversation, which was featured in Research World, at the link below:

The value of diversity

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